The building is located inside the yard. Do not be confused by the house numbers 5 and 7 of Zenitchikov street that is nearby, you need Krasnoputilovskaya street address. The entrance faces the Zenitchikov street.

If you are going by car from north (from the city center), or from south-west along the Marshala Zhukova prospect, advise the driver to approach the location from the Zenitchikov street just in the middle between Stachek and Krasnoputilovskaya streets and then take the left turn inside the yard to reach the entrance door. If you are going along Krasnoputilovskaya street from south-east (from the Pulkovo Airport), turn left to Zaitseva street and take the first right turn into the yard.

If you are using the public transportation, leave the subway at Avtovo station, walk to your right along the Stachek prospect, and enter the yard between houses 80 and 82. The same way is applicable if you are driving along Stachek prospect from the south-west.

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