This section describes OKTET Labs services.

For a number of typical services provided by our engineers we have prepared a detailed description including a reference process of service provisioning and a questionnaire that can help you to specify your needs. If your area of interest is not mentioned here it does not really mean that we have never met it before.

Please find the questionnaire available for service type that is close to your needs. You will find the menu links to the service provision process and questionnaire above the service description. If nothing fits your needs follow the links at this page.

Once the questionnaire is filled in and submitted, you will shortly get our response in the way you have chosen. If you are registered at our web site you will get a separate secure area where you can place additional documents, schematics, etc., and get our project definitions in response.

We respect the privacy of our current and potential partners and treat all technical and business information submitted to our web site, sent by e-mail, or delivered by all other means, as confidential, unless it has been made publicly available before.

Still, we are ready to sign a non-disclosure and IPR agreement proposed by our partner.

We expect the same attitude from our partners to the information provided by OKTET Labs other than via public web pages.

General Service Provision Process

Our customers trust us